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  • IREX 2015

    The 21st International Robot Exhibition, also known as iRex, will be held in Ariake, Japan, at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center from December 2-5, 2015.

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  • IREX 2013

    Held November 6-9, the IREX 2013 allows robot enthusiasts, robot manufacturers and students to meet and discuss robotics and industrial technology. The exhibition aims to showcase various types of robots and devices from Japan and other areas of the world…

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  • Japan Robot Association

    The Japan Robot Association (JARA) is a trade association, consisting of Japanese companies that manufacture and develop robot technology. It strives to promote the use of robotics in society and industry and participates in various promotional activities…

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  • BN-17

    Japanese company Bandai’s BN-17 is a cleaning robot, a security robot, and can even check email for you. It has image recognition and is described as an “ultra nice robot.”

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  • Kozoh

    Before Robos Corporation became defunct, it developed a series of humanoid robots. Kozoh III, the newer model, was enhanced with several head variations and is a bit taller and heavier than the earlier versions. These robots were also used as research…

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  • RIDC-01

    The Japanese company Tmusk developed a cleaning robot called the RIDC-01. This heavy robot cleans floors, listens and recognizes voice commands, and projects videos on a screen.

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  • SmartPal

    SmartPal VII will help people with work and daily life. Equipped with stereo cameras and Kinect, IR and gyro sensors, it demonstrated its cleaning abilities at IREX 2011.

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  • SORA

    SORA is a robotic receptionist that debuted at IREX 2005. Its camera, microphone, and speakers make it possible to speak with a visitor before greeting him personally.

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