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  • IHMC Biped

    Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, created the IHMC Biped robot, a lower body humanoid robot. It can recover from a slight push and can balance itself on one leg.

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  • FastRunner

    The FastRunner robot was developed by IHMC and patterned after an ostrich. It is capable of moving 27 MPH and has self-stabilizing legs equipped with single motors. IHMC hopes to use the FastRunner robot in fire rescues and natural calamities.

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  • LittleDog

    Boston Dynamics has specifically designed the LittleDog robot for doing research on locomotion. Scientists at major institutions use LittleDog for probing the basic relationships among dynamic control, motor learning, environmental perception and rough-terrain…

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  • Tbot 1.0

    Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition developed a dynamically stable robot called Tbot. It can change its configuration, climb stairs and survive a steep fall.

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