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    CRASAR serves as a research and crisis response organization that aims to take advantage of new technology development in unmanned systems and robotics for humanitarian purposes throughout the world.

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  • CB²

    JST ERATO Asada Project developed a child robot called CB2. The purpose is to study cognitive development, social maturity, behavior, attitude and other personal stuff.

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  • Affetto

    Osaka University has developed an advanced human baby robot, named Affetto. This robot has realistic expressions and will help with studies about human cognitive development. It is a part of the JST ERATO Asada Project. Affetto can also help caregivers…

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  • M3

    The M3 Neony is a small robot designed to research a baby's fine motor skills. This robot, developed by Osaka University, can crawl and walk like a real baby. It has gyro and accelerometer sensors, video cameras and microphones. M3 Neony can detect when…

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