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    The TMSUK-3 is the world’s first robot that is remotely controlled using a cellular phone. It has a head-mounted CCD camera to transmit images to a computer monitor. This robot can also be controlled with a keyboard or joystick via computer. It paves…

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  • Wabot

    Waseda University of Japan developed WABOT 2 which is the second robot in the WABOT series. This intelligent and advanced humanoid can read musical notes and play a keyboard.

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  • iArm

    The iARM (intelligent Assistant Robot Manipulator) is a product of Assistive Innovations that aims at helping people with physical disabilities. It helps perform everyday tasks like drinking and eating, picking things from the ground and even preparing…

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  • ECHORD++ best picture award

    Best Picture Award 2016 The ECHORD++ experiment teams have submitted pictures of their projects. The best picture will be awarded a beam+ telepresence robot. The winners will be announced on Thursday,

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  • Exact Dynamics

    Dutch company Exact Dynamics develops robotic manipulators. It is involved in developing iArm and DAS robotic arm, which help people suffering from loss of motor function.

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  • ConnectR

    A telepresence robot from iRobot, ConnectR has one-way video, two-way audio, and robust security features to permit virtual visiting for business or personal purposes.

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  • Karotz

    Karotz is a social media robot designed to make using social media easy and fun. It uses voice recognition to allow you to reply to social messages. Karotz can be an alarm clock and check weather and traffic through its WiFi connection. It has facial…

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  • Robovie

    Robovie-PC is a combination hobby robot and desktop PC. Sturdy and lightweight, Robovie-PC allows you Internet access. It runs on Linux or Windows operating systems.

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