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  • Libero

    Libero was created by Sejong robotics to be an edutainment robot. This robot can serve as a vacuum cleaner, getting dirt off the floors with its brush and suction. Libero also provides educational lessons. Its content can be updated online so that the…

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  • Edison

    Robot Edison is an easy-to-program robot for students of all ages and also for both beginner and experienced hobbyists. Edison is an effective and affordable way to teach students about robotics, programming and broader STEM lessons. Edison is also Lego…

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  • Femisapien

    WowWee has invented a female humanoid robot called Femisapien. This fembot is capable of taking lessons from you and has three interactive modes to choose from. It can walk and talk with you and has an amazing 56 functions, plus another 59 hidden ones.

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    Robosem helps students learn the English language. This educational robot teleconferences with a human instructor to students lectures, and also has pre-loaded lessons.

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  • ROTI

    ROTI is a telepresence robot that makes learning English easier for non-native speakers. It gives real-time English lessons to students and can be controlled remotely.

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  • U. of Neuchâtel (UniNE)

    Recognised internationally, the University of Neuchatel is located halfway between Zürich and Geneva. The university aims to offer high educational standards in an interactive and comfortable environment.

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  • iMaro

    The iMaro-3 ISR was created by SAIT as a service robot. It greets people at the Seoul International Airport. The iMaro-3 ISR helps passengers find the correct terminal. It also provides snapshots of the person it assists and has pre-programmed maps to…

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