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  • Dynamaid

    Dynamaid is a service robot developed by Nimbro. It was designed to help with domestic service function research for future service robots. Dynamaid even synthesizes speech.

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  • Maidroid

    Maidroid is considered to be the world’s first entertainment humanoid robot. It was built by Maidroid lab in 2007. It is extremely advanced and has more than 10 degrees of freedom. Due to a lack of torque, the robot has many RC servo motors to strengthen…

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  • Readybot

    Readybot Robot Challenge developed a maid robot called Readybot. It can clean kitchen, dump waste and load dishwashers. It does most of our household jobs at a faster rate.

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  • E.M.A.

    If you want to see a robot that looks and acts feminine, SEGA’s E.M.A. fits the bill. This humanoid robot can hand out business cards and sing. It is 38 centimeters tall.

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  • Nash

    The Singaporean university NTU developed NASH which is an advanced humanoid robot. It can copy human motion, lift weights, climb a flight of stairs and follow verbal commands.

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  • RIDC-01

    The Japanese company Tmusk developed a cleaning robot called the RIDC-01. This heavy robot cleans floors, listens and recognizes voice commands, and projects videos on a screen.

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  • U-ROBO

    U-ROBO is a service robot developed to be the perfect home companion. It was created by ED and has excellent balance even on slopes. It is said to be able to cook and handle a broom.

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