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  • HanSaRam

    KAIST developed the fourth robot in the HanSaRam series called HanSaRam IV. It has 12 servomotors, 4 force sensing resistors in each foot, and master-slave controllers.

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  • Dutch Space

    Dutch Space is focused on space technologies. It designs and develops subsystems for satellites and launching crafts. It is involved in project Virtual Slave to create a maintenance robot.

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  • Oxford Technologies

    Oxford Technologies Ltd was founded in 2000 and aims at developing expertise and technologies for the implementation of cost-effective and fit-for purpose solutions for remote handling applications.

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  • Dexter

    Project Dexter tries to find a solution to the problems that face a fusion reactor that contains highly radiant and toxic materials and needs to be cleaned from within. The aim of project Dexter is to develop that next generation remote handling that…

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  • Virtual Slave

    Virtual Slave software is a Dutch Robotics software project for helping a controller check for possible difficulties before actually creating a robotic arm. The hardware can be linked to simulation software, and virtual tasks can be attempted with a lifelike…

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