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  • Mike

    Developed by the Delft University of Technology, Mike is a 2D robot that is pneumatically activated biped and has knees. The prototype makes use of McKibben muscles to offer minimal actuation for walking on a flat floor.

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  • Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory (Ishikawa Oku Lab)

    Japan's Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory has been working on technology and robotics projects since it began in 1989. Along with developing High speed Intelligent Robots, the Lab works on projects such as Bidirectional Recognition between objects and environment…

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  • Rabbit

    The JSK Laboratories and the University of Tokyo developed a whole body tendon robot called the Rabbit. It has multi-joint flexible spine and can do simple gymnastic movements.

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  • Spring Flamingo

    Designed by Jerry Pratt and developed by an ensemble cast at MIT, the Spring Flamingo resembles its avian namesake but has human-like movement due to bent-forward knees.

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