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  • Manekin Robotto

    Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Technology created a model robot called Manekin Robotto which walks on a ramp. It is lightweight and has the potential to replace real models in future.

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  • Palette

    Palette is often called the super model robot. She is displayed in store windows to help increase sales. Palette has voice command recognition and can copy fashion models with motion-capture technology. she can detect human movements and move her body…

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  • Beauty Robot

    The first Chinese beauty robot is called Rong Cheng. It resembles a human female and can make human-like expressions. The robot has visual and speech recognition and can talk to people. It speaks in in Mandarin, English, and Shichuan dialects. Rong Cheng…

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  • PaPeRo-mini

    The Papero Mini robot is only 9.84 inches tall. It has a wide-angle camera which gives it a 180-degree view. This tiny robot has a ARM 9192 CPU and DSP processor, which makes it more advanced than Papero. It also has speech recognition and synthesis.

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  • Wabian

    The WABIAN R-III was developed by Waseda University. It is a prototype humanoid robot. The WABIAN R-III can walk in multiple directions, dance, and show emotions. It is a more refined version of the WABIAN-2 robot, with 43 degrees of freedom and a balance…

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