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  • Intelligent Robotics Research Centre (IRRC)

    The IRRC is one of the most prestigious robotics research centers in Australia. Besides creating the internationally-known robot the SLAMbot, they also developed the Go-2 robot for Scienceworks. The Center is also adept in microcomputer systems, VLSI…

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  • HOAP

    Fujitsu developed the second platform in the HOAP series called HOAP 2. It is equipped with Humanoid Movement-Generation System for movement range, and contains neural networks.

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  • HR 2

    The HR-2 humanoid robot has an artificial neural network and depth of vision. This bipedal robot can read text aloud and has facial and speech recognition.

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  • Intelligent Robotics Research

    The IRR lab is home to many groundbreaking robotics developments, such as UT Austin Villa Robot Soccer Team and TEXPLORE. Their research makes it possible to create robot prototypes more quickly. The lab also conducts research on Neural Networks and…

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  • Intelligent Servosystems Lab.

    The ISL at the University of Maryland performs extensive robotics research. Their focus is to advance state-of-the-art design and real-time control of intelligent systems. Among the lab’s impressive list of projects is the robotic hand the Modular Dexterous…

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  • Machine Intelligence Lab.

    The University of Florida’s MIL is home to the SubjuGator, an underwater unmanned vehicle and three-time AUVSI/ONR underwater contest champion. The lab’s primary focus is on such robotics issues as real-time computer vision, robotics kinematics and autonomous…

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  • Unmanned Aircraft Research

    The Unmanned Aircraft Research at Sydney University brings academics and students together to conduct research in such fields as Decentralized Navigation and Control of Autonomous Flight Vehicles. It is the country’s largest and most active group of robotic…

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  • I-Droid

    RoboTech SRL, an Italian robotic firm, created I-Droid. It is a programmable humanoid and can follow voice commands. It is mainly intended for educational and entertainment purposes.

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