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  • Pearl

    University of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Mellon University developed the Pearl nurse robot. It is a personal and social robot which helps the elderly go about their daily routines.

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  • Pohang U. Of Science and Tech. (POSTECH)

    The Pohang University of Science and Technology is one of Korea’s well-recognized tech-nological and educational institutions. Based in Pohang, POSTECH is home to a number of robotic innovations and projects such as the KIRO-M5 robot.

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  • U. of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a Spanish public university in the capital city of the Canary Island, Gran Canaria. It offers basic and applied research combined with fundamental knowledge and hands-on experience to students interested…

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  • Cody

    Georgia Tech Healthcare Robotics Lab developed a humanoid called Cody. Powered by Robot Operating System and open source code control, it can help elderly in their daily activities.

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  • Dog-Wan

    Daisen and Robot Force have created Dog-Wan; a quadruped robot made to entertain and assist its users. Dog-Wan can wag its tail, carry things in its mouth, and perform other dog common gestures. It has 24 degrees of freedom and can move forward and backward…

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  • RIBA

    RIKEN and Tokai Rubber created the RIBA-II, a newer version of the RIBA. This humanoid robot can now carry up to 80 kg and bend at the waist, making patient transport much easier. It also has Smart Rubber sensors, which are considered the world’s first…

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  • ROLA

    Rola is an assistant robot designed to help healthcare providers give patients the services they need. It can provide needed information and store objects in its drawers.

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