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  • Fraunhofer IAIS

    Fraunhofer IAIS (Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems) aims at developing tailored IT solutions to help organizations and companies optimize their products, services and even processes while implementing intelligent information as well as sophisticated…

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  • M2Control

    M2Control optimizes control systems for new and existing machines. It uses different software platforms and embedded systems to make minimal adaption and maximum enhancement.

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  • Robots that learn to move naturally

    The Dutch Technical University of Delft, is working on developing a robotic arm that is a safer choice than traditional factory arms. It will mimic a human arm as closely as possible and have smart elements to optimize its performance.

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  • Innorobo 2015

    Innorobo is an international conference in Europe that is solely dedicated to disruptive technologies and robotics. Attendees can expect to meet approximately 17,000 peers and exhibitors from 14 countries.

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  • ABB Robotics

    ABB Robotics, founded in 1883, is a world leader in industrial robots, modular manufacturing systems, and autonomous technology. The technologies that have been developed by ABB in their more than a century of operations have transformed entire industries,…

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  • AI Lab.

    The VUB AI-Lab has worked with hundreds of researchers to study autonomous robots. It has a Robotics and Language Evolution Group that developed the core technologies FCG and Babel2. They are working on personalized products emerging from Tailored User…

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  • ESA Telerobotics & Haptics Lab.

    The ESA Telerobotics & Haptics Laboratory aims at performing engineering developments, fundamental research, and project work in human-robot interfaces, telerobotics, and haptics together with academic institutions as well as industry.

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  • Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

    Being a German application-oriented research organization, Fraunhofer is active in many different kinds of sectors like health, security, energy and the environment. The company designs products and shapes technology focusing on the needs of the people.

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  • Kinova

    Kinova designs and produces personal robots. Its product, the Jaco robot, is a robotic arm mounted on electric wheelchair and is used for research and rehabilitation purposes.

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  • Huggable

    Huggable is an MIT prototype based on a Gund teddy bear and designed to replace real animals for human therapeutic use. It has soft silicone skin and a fur fabric covering.

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  • Mi-Ro

    Fujitsu in Japan has developed a robotic machine to assist surgeons who have limited operating space. This robot, Mi-Ro, has compact lightweight arms which can perform a variety of functions. It has seven torque-controlled joints, which makes it more…

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  • Robonaut

    Robonaut 2 was designed to study features needed in a space-faring robot – so well-designed that it was declared ready for actual space service after just a few upgrades.

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  • WT

    Waseda University developed its fifth talking robot, WT-5, in 2005. It has mechanical lips and vocal chords, as well as lungs and a nasal cavity. The robot has a new vocal cord mechanism and produces vibration patterns similar to those in real human speech.…

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