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  • Deam Corporation

    Deam specializes in handheld, steerable laparoscopic instruments. Deam has developed and patented steering technology for instruments with unlimited DOF and is involved in the PITON project.

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  • Paro interventions

    Paro is Dutch Robotics project designed to improve the mental and physical well-being of people with dementia. Paro was developed to reduce patient stress and increase patient interaction among themselves, and to reduce the strain on health care systems.…

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  • Paro

    AIST developed the seal-like robot PARO in 2001. Considered to be a therapeutic robot, it has voice and touch recognition and can tell when it is being held. PARO has the ability to improve motivation and relaxation among patients by making sounds, imitating…

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    BART LAB, Center for Biomedical and Robotics Technology is a collaborative engineering/medical research center for computer integrated surgical technology and medical robotics. It wants to improve the partnership between machines and humans to help them…

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  • Focal Meditech

    Focal Meditech is a company that delivers custom-made robotic medical equipment. They develop medical equipment and provide personal care robots for people with disabilities.

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  • Robot Expertisecentrum Maasstad Hospital

    With over 1,700 robotic surgeries, Maasstad Hospital is the first hospital that has expertise in keyhole surgery. The hospital makes use of the da Vinci robot in the operation of kidney cancer, rectum cancer, prostate cancer and renal pelvis narrowing.

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  • Robotics & Intelligent Machines Lab.

    The Robotics and Intelligent Machines Lab at UC Berkeley is a leading academic lab in the field of medical robotics. One of its biggest projects is Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). Lab researchers have created a way for an operation to be performed with…

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  • Robocup

    RoboCup is the largest international robotics event in the world and consists of Robot soccer games, Robot rescue competitions, robots performing tests in a household environment and educational games for children.

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  • TeleFlex

    Teleflex is a Dutch Robotics project that can improve the quality and reduce the cost of some invasive surgeries. With this robotic manipulator, only one surgeon is needed to work the endoscope instead of two. This will make surgeries easier to do and…

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