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  • Driving Partner Robot

    Pioneer developed a penguin shaped robot called Driving Partner Robot. It sits on the dashboard, and chirps and blinks when there is any deviation from appropriate driving.

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  • Penbo

    The Penbo pink penguin robot is a great robot for girls. It can play games, dance, show emotion, and has its own baby robot in an egg that fits inside its stomach. This robot even knows when it's being patted on the head. Penbo listens, talks, and plays…

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  • POMI

    ETRI's POMI robotic animal simulates emotion and makes facial expressions. This friendly, penguin-like robot can be used for education and entertainment purposes.

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  • Sil-Bot

    Sil-bot is a carebot developed by KIST to be a companion to elderly people. This penguin-like robot can speak and has facial recognition. Sil-bot can remind its user when to take medications and engage in conversation. Its has games to help elderly people…

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