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  • Pirate

    The PIRATE project is a Dutch robotics project designed to make it easier to inspect Dutch gas network pipelines. Tiny autonomous robots will be able to measure deformations of the tubing, as well as detect leaks. These battery-powered robots will make…

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  • Alliander

    Alliander is a network formed by Liander, Endinet and Liandon. Together with other Dutch energy companies and universities, it invested in robots to detect leaks in pipelines.

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  • Enexis

    Enexis is a Dutch electricity and gas provider. With other companies and institutions, it is involved in the project Pirate to develop small autonomous robots to fix leaks in pipelines.

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  • Alstom Inspection Robotics

    Swiss company Alstom, along with Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, develops autonomous inspection robots. The robots can work in environments dangerous for humans.

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  • Cogas

    Cogas is involved in the development of multiple products and services related to the energy industry. They construct and maintain the gas and electricity networks in the Netherlands, and are involved in the Pirate project.

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  • Endinet

    Endinet is part of the Alliander business group. The company constructs and maintains a reliable infrastructure for energy.

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  • Kiwa

    Kiwa Technology provides support and services in the energy and water sector. It is the top technological company in the gas sector concerning measurement, distribution and safety.

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  • Vision & Robotics Research

    The Vision and Robotics Research at the University of Rochester was a recipient of NASA’s prestigious “Cool Robot of the Week” award. The lab focuses on techniques that require little or no calibration, making them suitable to use in natural everyday…

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    The Aerial Robotics Cooperative Assembly System (ARCAS) is a EU funded robotics project that develops autonomous flying robots to perform tasks too dangerous or otherwise difficult for human workers. It will be the first cooperative autonomously flying…

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  • SGR-A1

    SGR-A1 is a military robot guard with tracking, firing, surveillance and voice recognition systems. It will warn if it detects an intruder. SGR-A1 can also provide firepower from a machine gun and automatic grenade launcher.

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