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  • Elvis

    Scale model humanoid robot Elvis stands just 70 centimeters tall. Fully autonomous, it can walk and navigate around. Elvis also has an onboard computer and power supply.

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  • Atlas

    Developed by Boston Dynamics, Atlas is a humanoid robot that has been specifically designed to deal with outdoor, rough terrain. The high-mobility robot is capable of walking bipedally while using its upper limbs for lifting and carrying.

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  • Cycloid

    Cycloid III was developed as a smaller, cheaper version of Cycloid II: it's a bit shorter and has 4 fewer degrees of freedom, but is otherwise similar to its predecessor.

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  • Elvina

    Elvina is a life-sized humanoid robot. It is fully independent, has a single board PC, and runs on Linux operating system. This robot also has 24 degrees of freedom.

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  • HOAP

    Fujitsu developed the third platform in the HOAP series called HOAP 3. It has an astounding range of state-of-the art features, and runs on RT-Linux and Intel Pentium M processor.

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  • Q.bo

    Developed by TheCorpora, the Q.bo Lite Evo is an open source robotics platform with very low power consumption and high performance. Face recognition and tracking, speech recognition and 3D Slam are among the many features of the robot.

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  • Robert

    Bernard Smith created a robot called Robert in the 1950s. Although being non-autonomous, it has adjustable spanners, is operated using a control panel and can move in all directions.

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  • SmartPal

    SmartPal VII will help people with work and daily life. Equipped with stereo cameras and Kinect, IR and gyro sensors, it demonstrated its cleaning abilities at IREX 2011.

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