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  • Leg Lab. (MIT)

    MIT’s Leg Laboratory is one of the premier robotics research labs in the U.S. This lab created the Uniroo and 3D Biped robots, which appeared in the film “Rising Sun.” Devoted to developing dynamic-legged robots, Leg Laboratory has developed one-legged…

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  • Coco

    MIT unveiled a robotic platform called Coco. Used for social interaction, this quadruped robot has electronic sensors, carbon fiber body, cameras and high speed serial cable.

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  • Dog-Wan

    Daisen and Robot Force have created Dog-Wan; a quadruped robot made to entertain and assist its users. Dog-Wan can wag its tail, carry things in its mouth, and perform other dog common gestures. It has 24 degrees of freedom and can move forward and backward…

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  • Goemon

    Goeman II was developed by JSK Laboratory in 1995. This quadruped robot can walk and pose. Goeman II has tactile and vision sensors that can be accessed at the same time.

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    A U. of Tokyo grad student built PIGORASS, a 13-foot robot quadruped with a simulated neural system, ABS resin/carbon fiber body, and both pneumatic and passive muscles.

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  • Boston Dynamics

    Being the leading provider of human simulation tools, solutions and software, Boston Dynamics is an engineering company founded in 1992. It aims at building dynamic software and robots for human simulation.

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  • Center for Robotics and Embedded Systems

    The CRES is USC’s robotic systems research unit. The center’s research engages over 60 physical robots, with research on mobile, humanoid, molecular, and re-configurable robots. Some of their notable projects include Sony robot dogs, the Beobots Chimp…

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  • Intelligent Robotics Research

    The IRR lab is home to many groundbreaking robotics developments, such as UT Austin Villa Robot Soccer Team and TEXPLORE. Their research makes it possible to create robot prototypes more quickly. The lab also conducts research on Neural Networks and…

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  • Massachusetts Inst. of Tech. (MIT)

    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the most notable research universities in the world. You can learn about robotics at the Field and Space Robotics Laboratory, the Personal Robots Group, and the Biomometic Robotics.

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  • Tokyo Inst. of Tech. (TITECH)

    With a history of over 130 years, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) is one of Japan’s top national universities in the field of Science and Technology. The university is the major center for supercomputing technology and robotics.

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  • Another Robot Bound To Run

    MIT Biomimetic Robotics Laboratory researchers have developed a special computer process for bounding, which enables the Cheetah v. 2 to run faster and untethered

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  • HyQ Robot

    HyQ is a torque-controlled Hydraulic Actuated Quadruped robot developed by the Italian Institute of Technology. It can navigate difficult and rough terrains, and can also run and jump.

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  • LittleDog

    Boston Dynamics has specifically designed the LittleDog robot for doing research on locomotion. Scientists at major institutions use LittleDog for probing the basic relationships among dynamic control, motor learning, environmental perception and rough-terrain…

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  • SILO

    The four-legged robot Silo4 was built to assist with research and development. It is a platform for developing other robots. The creators have made a book available for people who want to build their own Silo4. It is projected to be a great success with…

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