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  • Idaho Ntl. Lab. Adaptive Robotics Program

    Groundbreaking robotics research is a regular part of work at the INL. The lab has an ongoing project of developing robots that have the ability to initiate sharing between human and robot, allowing the system to cope with changes in resources. The lab…

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  • Mouro Mosque robot

    Turnaco is start-up company which produces robot for mosques . The cleaning system of the robot sweeps the carpet and disinfects it with UVC radiation and ozone gas. It deodorizes odors. You can

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  • Active Structures Lab.

    The Active Structures Laboratory of the Université Libre de Bruxelles specializes in such areas as walking machines and micro and mini robots. Some of their projects are being used in robotics facilities and space explorations. Projects the laboratory…

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  • NASA JPL Robotics

    NASA JPL Robotics focuses on projects for robotics space exploration and other terrestrial uses. They have developed autonomy software and sampling arms for the Mars rovers, allowing them to travel independently and record data. The lab has worked on…

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  • State Research Center of Russia

    The State Research Center of Russia is one of the largest research centers in the country. This unique test lab is quickly becoming one of the major development institutes in mobile robotic systems for special apps. It successfully managed to complete…

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  • Clet

    Project CLET, a Dutch Robotics project, includes measuring plasma in the laser welding process. This measuring is performed through closed loop control. The goal is to develop a system that will operate in real industrial conditions. This will be accomplished…

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  • Dexter

    Project Dexter tries to find a solution to the problems that face a fusion reactor that contains highly radiant and toxic materials and needs to be cleaned from within. The aim of project Dexter is to develop that next generation remote handling that…

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  • Robotic Needle Steering

    Robot Needle Steering has the potential to increase needle control and decrease the likelihood of invasive wounds. Recent studies on robot guided needles show there are large advantages to be gained; however, there are also problems that must be worked…

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  • Arturito

    Arturito is a robot shrouded in mystery because of his secretive creator. However, it has made a name for itself by locating deeply-buried objects such as gold ingots.

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