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  • Priscilla

    Chalmers University developed Priscilla which is a humanoid robot. It has plastic skeleton, titanium reinforcements and linear actuators which enable it to walk like a normal person.

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  • AI Lab.

    The VUB AI-Lab has worked with hundreds of researchers to study autonomous robots. It has a Robotics and Language Evolution Group that developed the core technologies FCG and Babel2. They are working on personalized products emerging from Tailored User…

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  • Center for Intelligent Machines

    CIM is one of the largest robotics centers in Canadian universities. This research group has a separate mobile robotics lab, the MRL. Together, they develop many robotics projects, such as an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capable of being operated…

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  • Intelligent Robotics Research

    The IRR lab is home to many groundbreaking robotics developments, such as UT Austin Villa Robot Soccer Team and TEXPLORE. Their research makes it possible to create robot prototypes more quickly. The lab also conducts research on Neural Networks and…

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  • Robotic Systems Lab.

    ANU’s Robotic Systems Lab (RSL) performs research on mobile robot navigation and human-robot/computer interaction as well as other fields. The lab has worked on many projects together with other university labs. For its Autonomous Submersible Robot project,…

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  • Leo

    Leo is a 2D walking robot that is built by the Delft University of Technology for machine learning tests for humanoid robots. The boom construction of this 2D robot enables it to walk in circles and provides power to make sure the learning experiments…

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