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  • Asian Robotics Review

     Asian Robotics Review is an online publication offering news, analysis, research and opinion on the global technology and business issues of robotics, robotics-driven automation, and artificial

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  • ARE 13

    The 2nd International Workshop on Adaptive Robotic Ecologies (ARE’13) is scheduled December 3-5, 2013 in Dublin. Here organizers aim to discover solutions that would enable robotic ecologies to be self-learning, -configuring, and -adapting.

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  • ICRA 2015

    The ICRA conference and exhibition is hosted by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society where international robotics researchers are can present their work

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  • RoboBusiness 2015

    RoboBusiness is the world's most influential event devoted to business transformation through robotics innovation. Presented by Robotics Business Review, the 2015 conference theme is Robotics in the Corporate Spotlight

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  • Sydney Robotics Summit 2018

    Sydney Robotics Summit (SRS) 2018 will be held at the Australian Technology Park (ATP) on Saturday 23 June 2018. This year's program will include specialty sessions from urology, colorectal + upper GI, cardiothoracic and nursing as well as the new additions…

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  • Semnan U.

    Semnan University is an Iranian university that provides students hands-on experience and advanced learning facilities. It has continually researched on ways and means to improve not only its facilities and physical structures but also its teaching capabilities,…

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  • AIBO

    The SONY AIBO ERS-7 is an entertainment robot dog. Besides being able to speak 1000 words, it can keep a diary with pictures and read blog for you. The AIBO ERS-7 is also capable of video and audio recording. It is customizable through its service packs.

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  • ED-E

    Educational robot ED-E is used to teach students about computer programming and physics, among other subjects. Its transparent body frame allows children to watch its parts work.

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  • Home Security Robot Dog

    The Samsung Home Security Dog was a competitor to Sony’s AIBO. When Samsung launched the robot in 2001, it made headlines all over the world. The robot dog has a child-friendly appearance and can record video, making it a great home security tool. It…

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  • Reborg-Q

    ALSOK developed a security robot called Reborg-Q. This automatically programmable robot can guard an area; detect leaks, fires and smoke; and can tell current time and weather.

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