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  • LittleDog

    Boston Dynamics has specifically designed the LittleDog robot for doing research on locomotion. Scientists at major institutions use LittleDog for probing the basic relationships among dynamic control, motor learning, environmental perception and rough-terrain…

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  • JKU Linz

    Austria's JKU Linz offers students 110 educational institutes, including the Institute for Robotics (ROBIN). This Institute is dedicated to looking at a better technology and robotics platform that can be beneficial not only for the school but also for…

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  • NeuroSIPE

    The NeuroSIPE program is a cooperative program among Dutch Universities and medical centers. Their goal is to develop new tools for neurological disorders, using closed-loop system identification techniques. By addressing the CNS as a closed-loop system,…

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  • SmartBot

    SmartBot is an innovative cross-border robotics project involving collaborating partners from Germany and The Netherlands, creating a global knowledge hot spot in the field of robotic sensing.

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  • BIOLOID Premium

    The versatile Bioloid Premium robot is an educational robot. It comes in a robot kit with parts and instructions. A biped humanoid robot, it can walk and has a remote control.

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  • Jack

    Jack was created by Yasuo Kuniyoshi of the Electrotechnical Laboratory and the Japanese Science and Technology Agency. This humanoid is aimed to autonomously help the aging population of Japan.

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  • Spring Flamingo

    Designed by Jerry Pratt and developed by an ensemble cast at MIT, the Spring Flamingo resembles its avian namesake but has human-like movement due to bent-forward knees.

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