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  • Politecnico Di Torino

    The Politecnico di Torino is an engineering public university. The institution stands as the oldest technical university in Italy. It also has its own Robotics Center where researchers have developed a biped humanoid robot, known as the IsaacRobot.

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  • Tsinghua U.

    Tsinghua University offers various research facilities which focus on robot technology. Among their projects is the walking robot, developed by the university’s Robot Walking Group, which is a contender of the prestigious RoboCup competition.

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  • RoboCup@Home

    RoboCup@Home is one of the many Robotics Competitions that is part of the RoboCup Leagues that use robot games as a way to promote science and technology. It consists of benchmark tests that evaluate how well competing robots perform in a realistic home…

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  • Bogobot

    Bogobot is the team that developed a bipedal robot. It has a camera, an electronic compass and a central processor. It can recognize an orange ball, move to it and kick it.

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  • Hajime Robot

    Hajime Robot 2 has many improvements over its predecessor. It has an improved appearance and can walk on uneven terrain such as stairs. Hajime Robot 2 helped to jumpstart a series of RoboCup victories for its developers thanks to all its improvements.

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  • Mr. DD

    The Technical University of Darmstadt developed Mr. DD Junior 2. This humanoid robot uses the inverse kinematics approach for its movements and can play soccer autonomously.

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  • REEM

    Built by the Spanish company PAL Robotics, REEM-A is a humanoid robot designed to be used as a manipulation, walking, vision and speech development platform and play chess with the Hydra chess engine.

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  • RoboErectus Jr.

    Soccer-playing RoboErectus Jr won first place in penalty kicks in the 2002 RoboCup, but with a walking speed of 2 meters/minute it's not a big threat to human players.

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