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  • Labradoodle Puppy

    Labradoodle Puppy is a toy robot animal developed by WowWee, a company known for their robotic animals. Labradoodle Puppy has realistic fur and onboard motors that allow the robot to move its head and paws. It uses 4 "AA" batteries and has an adoption…

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  • POMI

    ETRI's POMI robotic animal simulates emotion and makes facial expressions. This friendly, penguin-like robot can be used for education and entertainment purposes.

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  • Seal pup

    Seal Pup is an adorable robot baby seal developed by WowWee. It has animated eyes and mouth and responds to being patted on the head and held. Seal Pup blinks and makes baby seal sounds. This friendly robotic animal also has a sleep mode to converse the…

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  • Autonomous Mobile Robotics Lab.

    The AMRL of the University of Maryland specializes in robots for entertainment, education, goal-based robotics and motion planning. Notable projects include the Vacuuming robot the Scratchy, and the homebuilt Smart-V robot, Spiro. The lab also created…

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  • Cheetah Robot

    The Cheetah Robot was unveiled at the 2011 IRCA. These hind limbs showed impressive force and speed when they kicked from a crouched position. Hybrid and pneumatic actuators provide the energy for fire positioning. The developers plan to develop upper…

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  • Ground Beetle

    Developed by H&S Robots, the Ground Beetle resembles a real beetle in appearance and movement. It imitates beetle movements with the use of servo motors. Ground Beetle is easy to program even if you have no prior knowledge. It draws lots of attention…

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  • Home Security Robot Dog

    The Samsung Home Security Dog was a competitor to Sony’s AIBO. When Samsung launched the robot in 2001, it made headlines all over the world. The robot dog has a child-friendly appearance and can record video, making it a great home security tool. It…

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    A U. of Tokyo grad student built PIGORASS, a 13-foot robot quadruped with a simulated neural system, ABS resin/carbon fiber body, and both pneumatic and passive muscles.

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  • Sakadachi Nyachi

    Sakadachi Nyachi by Sega is a robotic cat. This animal toy has voice recognition and can speak and sing in Japanese. Touch sensors allow it to detect when it is being touched so it can respond appropriately. It is an ideal Christmas gift for kids and…

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