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  • RoboShip

    RoboShip is a sub-project of the SmartBot initiative dedicated to exploring the use of intelligent industrial robots in the shipping industry.

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  • Chalmers U.

    Founded by William Chalmers, the Chalmers University of Technology aims at becoming the most attractive universities in the world through internationally acclaimed research and education together with a professional innovation procedure.

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  • National Chiao Tung U.

    The College of Engineering at National Chiao Tung University conducts advanced robotics research in a wide variety of fields. The College made a name for itself and the University by creating a robot that won second place in an MIT competition. They also…

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  • Phenox Lab

    Phenox Lab manufactures intelligent, programmable aerial robots which are flying drones functioning as a programmable platform for flying apps. It was, founded by the two young, promising students Ryo Konomura and Kensho Miyoshi at the Artificial Intelligence…

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  • Phenox Funded

    Phenox has reached its crowdfunding funding goal today with a phenomenal 23.000 USD ! Phenox is an intelligent programmable flying robot from the Tokyo based Phenox Lab.

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  • SmartBot

    SmartBot is an innovative cross-border robotics project involving collaborating partners from Germany and The Netherlands, creating a global knowledge hot spot in the field of robotic sensing.

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  • Phenox

    Phenox is a next-generation, fully programmable drone aircraft, designed and developed by Phenox Lab, an engineering team which is based in Tokyo, Japan. Its niche is its ability to fly without controls. Cameras installed in the underside of the Phenox…

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