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  • IoT Investors Day 2016

    The main aim of IoT Investors Day Conference is to facilitate further growth of IoT market in India by providing a unique business opportunity for startups and investors to set up new connections on dec 9th in Bangalore. At the conference, a variety of…

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  • AASS Mobile Robotics Lab.

    Formerly known as the AASS Mobile Robotics Lab, Orebro University's mobile robotics lab is now named the Cognitive Robotic Systems Laboratory (CRSL) at AASS. Its mission is to perform basic and applied research of cognitive robotic systems and to address…

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  • Smart Homes

    Founded in 1993, Smart Homes is a Dutch company that aims to develop and provide accessible, smart and understandable technology solutions for the personal living environment.

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  • Joy

    House steward robot Joy acts as the human/machine interface inside intelligent homes. It has a planning algorithm system so it can complete tasks with minimal human input needed. Joy also can grasp objects with grippers on its arms and bring them to its…

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