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  • SRON

    Serving as the Dutch agency for space research, SRON is the national institute of expertise for the exploitation and development of satellite instruments for earth-oriented and astrophysical research.

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  • ERC 2014

    The European Rover Challenge is a robotics competition organized by the Mars Society Polska where students have to design, build and test a Mars Rover. It will be held at the Regional Science-Technology Centre in Podzamcze, Poland, from September 5 -…

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  • Australian Centre for Field Robotics

    The ACFR in the University of Sydney is one of the world’s largest robotic research institutes. It is actively involved in R&D for field robotics principles and systems. It is home to several groups and labs involved in robotics, such as the Center for…

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  • DLR (German Aerospace Centre)

    With approximately 7400 employees, DLR is the Aerospace Research Center of the Federal Republic of Germany that focuses on the research and development in the fields of aeronautics and space, energy, transport and security.

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  • Dutch Space

    Dutch Space is focused on space technologies. It designs and develops subsystems for satellites and launching crafts. It is involved in project Virtual Slave to create a maintenance robot.

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    The largest of ESA's research sites in Europe and abroad is the European Space Research and Technology Center (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. Almost all equipment that ESA launches is tested to some extent at ESTEC. While ESTEC is used extensively…

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  • INHA U.

    Established in 1954, the Inha University is a private school in South Korea and has a mission to build students’ characters, search for the truth, as well as serve the nation in order to represent the university’s principles of diligence, creativity and…

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  • Mars Rovers Compete In Poland

    Two dozen international teams will meet in Poland for the first European Rover Challenge from September 5th till 7th. Organized by the Polish Mars Society it attracted a lot of international attention that resulted in a lot of international participants.

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    The Aerial Robotics Cooperative Assembly System (ARCAS) is a EU funded robotics project that develops autonomous flying robots to perform tasks too dangerous or otherwise difficult for human workers. It will be the first cooperative autonomously flying…

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  • ATOM 7xp

    The Atom 7xp is the first humanoid robot created in the USA. This full-sized robot is part of Futurebots labs vision to support a wide range of industrial and commercial needs.

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