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  • IoT Investors Day 2016

    The main aim of IoT Investors Day Conference is to facilitate further growth of IoT market in India by providing a unique business opportunity for startups and investors to set up new connections on dec 9th in Bangalore. At the conference, a variety of…

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  • Bridge Robotics

    Bridge Robotics is an early stage startup bringing service robotics into the mainstream.Our solution - bridgeOS - allows for fast development and easy management of robot apps on service robots.

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  • QOLbotics

    QOLbotics is a startup focused to create QOL robotics solutions with a social philosophy behind.

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  • RoboBusiness

    RoboBusiness is an international robotics event that connects executives from the robotics industry with investors, end users and new business partners. RoboBusiness promotes the introduction of new robotics technologies; highlights critical market forces…

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  • Robobusiness 2016

    RoboBusiness 2016 is the international gathering place for professionals who want to create business advantage with robotics and will be held september 28-29. RoboBusiness empowers thousands of end users, investors and solutions providers to understand…

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  • RoboBusiness Europe 2015

    RoboBusiness Europe is a unique and most important event specifically directed at the EU robotics marketplace covering all the most vibrant sectors of the robotics industry.

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  • Robotics As A Business

    Robotics as a Business Conference helps navigate the complexities of robotics technology towards the successful implementation of commercial robotics.

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  • RoboUniverse New York 2015

    RoboUniverse serves as the “new robotics” segment of the robotics industry which includes service and education robots, collaborative robots, and their intelligent technologies.

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  • Reach Robotics

    Reach Robotics was started by Bristol University student Silas Adekunle to share his passion for robotics with the world. They are currently developing Mecha Monsters, the first robot gaming system.

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  • M1 Mobile Manipulator

    The M1 Mobile Manipulator is a customizable mobile manipulation platform. This humanoid robot, created by Meka Robotics, can lift up to a 1.5 kg payload. It is equipped with compliant force control and has bluetooth and LAN connectivity. It has a Kinect…

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