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  • The U. of Electro-Communications

    Japan’s UEC boasts of its unrivaled scale of education and research in human-friendly science and engineering. In its Mitsuharu Matsumoto Laboratory, students are focused on research that includes human-robot interaction and intelligent robotics. Ahead…

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  • Haruka

    Team Dornbirn has developed a humanoid sumo robot called the Haruka. The Austrian robot has light and infrared sensors. This robot can also avoid obstacles and translate.

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  • RobotChallenge 2014

    RobotChallenge 2014 is one of the world’s largest international competitions for self-made, autonomous, and mobile robots. Held in Vienna, Austria from March 29 till 30, this annual event serves as a venue for people to showcase their creations, share…

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  • SRG 2014

    Held from January 22-23, the SRG 2014 brings together robot enthusiasts from around the world to compete in 16 unique games. Since it debuted in 1998, the SRG has been an exciting forum to showcase advancements in the field of robotics and automation.

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  • System Dynamics Lab.

    Utsunomiya University’s Systems Dynamics Laboratory in Japan is actively involved in the research of autonomous systems like robots. Their work has been used by such companies as Toyota and Calsonic Kansei. Their robotics projects include work on equilibrium…

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  • U. of Electro-Communications

    The University of Electro-Communication (UEC) is one of the premiere universities in the Japan. The university is also equipped with various labs and research facilities that mostly involve the study of information technology, robotics and artificial…

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  • HOAP

    Fujitsu developed the second platform in the HOAP series called HOAP 2. It is equipped with Humanoid Movement-Generation System for movement range, and contains neural networks.

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