About robots, robot development
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    TNO serves as the Dutch organization for applied science research. TNO invests in many national and international projects in different technological fields. It also works on Project Rose together with several other Dutch tech companies and the Technological…

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  • Assembleon

    The Netherlands-based company, Assembleon, is a pioneer and first SMT assembly machine manufacturer with more than three decades of experience. They are true performance leaders since their equipment has a uniquely controlled manner to place electrical…

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    Working as an original design manufacturer (ODM), chess aims at designing and delivering innovative technological products.

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  • Re-Lion

    Re-Lion is a global company that specializes in technology for TDGS (Terrain Database Generation Systems) as well as small unit training and driving simulation. The company provides products for different organizations in high-tech fields that need high…

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  • Sioux

    Being an innovative technology partner in the field of remote solutions, technical software, electronics supply and development and industrial mathematics, Sioux aims at supporting leading companies in the production and development of their products.

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  • Technobis

    Technobis is a company that assists other companies in completing difficult technological projects. From solar cell and medical solutions to life science solutions, Technobis is always there to help companies get the best fix for their technology problems.

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  • Verhaert

    Founded in 1969, VERHAERT helps governments and companies to innovate. Being an integrated innovation center, VERHAERT has developed more than 500 new products over the last 40 years by connecting strategic, operational and tactical aspects of innovation.

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