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    The NOAA sponsored the development of TERRI which is an educational robot. This humanoid robot has artificial intelligence and can work remotely in a fully automatic mode.

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  • ASABE Robotics Competition

    The American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers (ASABE) Robotics Competition is a design competition event for students, who compete and develop solutions to real life agricultural issues. The theme of the 2013 ASABE Robotics Competition will…

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  • Ohio U.

    Ohio University is the ninth oldest university in the US, and is the first university that was established in the state of Ohio and the entire Northwest Territory. The university aims at developing its students intellectually and personally.

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    SUNRISE is a robotics project involving the research and development of acoustic based networks to support sub-surface communications and develop autonomous aquatic Swarm robots that can interact and cooperate.

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  • Phantom Sentinel

    VeraTech Aero created a Y-shaped robot called the Phantom Sentinel. It is used as an UAV to take pictures and videos of targets. It has a high stability and can self-level when hovering.

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