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  • Zurich U. of the Arts

    The largest Arts University in Europe, Zurich University of the Arts, offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a variety of fields. From design to dance, music to theater, this university provides students with leading-edge professional development…

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  • Cinema Companion

    A robot called CIROMI is a new development from Ed Corporation. Users can use the robot's touchscreen capability to take photos, display photos, send photos through email, and play games. Not only does this service robot sell tickets and entertain, it…

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    ED Corporation developed a robot called CIROMI which can be used in cinemas and theaters. It has features like internet connectivity, touch screen games and imaging applications.

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  • H2-X

    The H2-X robot is faster than a human but safe to interact with. This entertainment robot can do martial arts and dance. It is a bipedal robot with human-like features.

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    Robopec's Reeti is a fully customizable robot capable of many functions. It can connect to the Internet so you can access social media and email. This PC-bot can help teachers who need better ways to teach students. It has a user-friendly interface and…

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