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  • Robo-Garage

    Founded by Tomotaka Takahashi, Robo Garage is a company that creates, invents and designs original and unique humanoid robots known for their fluid motions, smooth and sleek appearance.

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  • Chroino

    ROBO-GARAGE developed a small humanoid called Chroino. It can walk naturally like a human using SHIN-Walk technology, and can kick a ball, stand up and balance itself.

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  • FT (Female Type)

    Tomotaka Takahashi developed a female robot called FT or the 'Female Type'. This biped humanoid has the lean body of a woman, and uses the SHIN walk technology for smooth walking.

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  • Manoi PF01

    Tomotaka Takahashi and Kyosho has created Manoi PF01 whose design and programming is based on the style and actions of anime characters. It is equipped with an RC servo module.

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    The ROPID robot by Robo Garage can walk, run, and jump with impressive speed. It can also talk and respond to voice commands, and has big anime eyes and a cute mouth.

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