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  • Cherubim

    Cherubim is a transforming robot created by Robot Force. It has competed in several robotics events, such as ROBO-One. This fully functional robot is capable of transforming itself into the form of a racecar. It can also play soccer. Robot Force plans…

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  • OmniZero.9

    OmniZero.9 is transforming robot that can go from a bipedal humanoid robot to a rolling vehicle. It competed in the ROBO-ONE, a humanoid robot competition in Japan, and passed the qualifying rounds. OmniZero.9 has wheeled shoulders and its head tilts…

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  • RCRC Transforming Robot

    Chinese firm AOK Ltd. developed a robot called RCRC Transforming Robot, which looks straight out of the Transformers movie. It can change into a truck, a car and a dancer.

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