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  • Din Sow

    Thailand-based CTAsia Robotics developed a waiter robot called Din Sow. It can greet and bid goodbyes to customers, and can increase the market and sales of waiter robots.

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  • Bangkok U.

    The BURL at Bangkok University, Thailand's largest university, is the country’s leading developer of robotic waiters. Created to address the need for state-of-the-art machines and robots, the BURL created the MK service Robot, called the Din Sow robot,…

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  • China Unicom Waiter

    A Chinese company, China Unicom, has designed a robot they call Waiter. It is a service robot that can respond to simple commands, such as; "hello", "hi", and "dance". Waiter can be manipulated through an iPad and can recognize basic human gestures. Instead…

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  • MK Robot

    A Thai robot waiter, MK Robot takes orders and serves food. It has a face to provide service with a smile, and it remembers customer preferences to reduce service errors.

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  • Cafero

    The wheeled barista robot Cafero was developed by Yujin Robot. It debuted in 2008 at Robot World, fulfilling orders through its touch screen with some human assistance.

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  • Care-O-bot 4

    The fourth edition of the Care-O bot range of caring and socially interacting robots has a more adaptable personality than any of its predecessors.

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