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  • MindWalker

    The Dutch Robotics project Mindwalker is a wearable robot "suit" designed to help disabled people walk again. Using Brain-Computer Interface technology, the exoskeleton will support the patient and trigger correct brain control signals. The end product…

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  • Simplest Walker

    Simplest Passive Dynamic Walker is a 2D robot that is equipped with straight legs along without knees or feet. It is capable of walking on a tiled slope without using any motors. The dynamics of passive dynamic walkers are extremely simple.

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  • TeTwalker

    TetWalker is a robot that moves by changing its shape. It was developed by NASA to explore difficult terrain. It changes shapes depending on the surface it explores.

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  • Dany Walker

    Dany Walker is a true walking robot. Fuzzy algorithms give it smooth balance and lateral plane control. It can even walk on inclined surfaces due to force sensors on its feet.

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  • Land Walker

    Sakakibara-Kikai Company Ltd., a Japanese manufacturer, developed Land Walker which stands at 340cm. It has a cockpit, two air cannons and can walk at a speed of 1.5km per hour.

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  • Museon Walker

    Developed at the Delft University of Technology, Museon Walker is a completely passive walking robot that can stably walk down an incline. Museon Walker was built to demonstrate the principle of passive dynamic walking.

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  • Shadow Walker

    The pneumatic powered robot Shadow Walker was developed to help with research on humanoid walking. The goal is to make this robot function in a normal human environment.

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  • Leg Lab. (MIT)

    MIT’s Leg Laboratory is one of the premier robotics research labs in the U.S. This lab created the Uniroo and 3D Biped robots, which appeared in the film “Rising Sun.” Devoted to developing dynamic-legged robots, Leg Laboratory has developed one-legged…

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  • Stappo

    Designed and built at the Delft Biped Laboratory, Stappo was developed as their first walking robot. Armed with two legs, Stappo functions on two magnets. The robot is capable of walking on flat as well as horizontal surfaces.

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