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  • ABB Unveils Collaborative Robot: YuMiABB Unveils Collaborative Robot: YuMi

    Sep 09, 2014, , ABB Group Media Relations

    ABB has unveiled the world’s first truly collaborative robot: YuMi®, an Innovative and human-friendly, dual-arm robot with breakthrough functionality that unlocks vast global additional automation potential in the robotics industry.

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  • ACHIRES: Watch That Robot Run!ACHIRES: Watch That Robot Run!

    Sep 05, 2014,

    Professor Masatoshi Ishikawa and his colleagues at the Ishiwaka Watanabe Laboratory of the University of Tokyo developed a bipedal walking robot that is one of the fastest robots ever made: ACHIRES

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  • Robonaut 2 Is Getting Space LegsRobonaut 2 Is Getting Space Legs

    Sep 01, 2014,

    Space Robot Robonaut 2 has just received his space legs, which allow him to assist astronauts with chores inside and outside the station, freeing up time for astronauts to do more research and other tasks.

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  • How To Get A Robotics JobHow To Get A Robotics Job

    Aug 28, 2014,

    The need for workers skilled in robotics in the manufacturing sector is growing. Those interested in STEM would be wise to consider a career in robotics. Here is everything you need to know about pursuing a career in the robotics field.

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  • Mars Rovers Compete In PolandMars Rovers Compete In Poland

    Aug 06, 2014,

    Two dozen international teams will meet in Poland for the first European Rover Challenge from September 5th till 7th. Organized by the Polish Mars Society it attracted a lot of international attention that resulted in a lot of international participants.

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