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  • Aldebaran Introduces Companion, PepperAldebaran Introduces Companion, Pepper

    Jun 10, 2014

    Aldebaran Robotics introduces Companion Robot, Pepper, a robot that can sense and show emotions. Pepper is programmed to recognize human emotions from facial expressions, body language combined with your chosen words and can react accordingly.

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  • Lil'Bot is crowdfunding with KickstarterLil'Bot is crowdfunding with Kickstarter

    Jun 06, 2014,

    Lil'Bot is a robotics project which aims to build a low-cost, open-source, balancing robot that is easy to program. In order to fund this robotics project, its creator Chris Hakim started a crowdfunding program using Kickstarter.

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  • Service Robots at AUTOMATICA 2014Service Robots at AUTOMATICA 2014

    Apr 04, 2014,

    During AUTOMATICA 2014 from june 3rd till 6th, the main focus wil be the marketable B2B service robots which will have its own exhibition sector where manufacturers and research organisations demonstrate their service-robots and applications.

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  • Techfest 2014 IIT Bombay Greater Than Ever.Techfest 2014 IIT Bombay Greater Than Ever.

    Sep 09, 2013,

    From jan 3rd till jan 5th, 2014 the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay will have it's yearly "Techfest" festival. It is Asia's largest science and technology festival and has become a great place for anyone related to robotics to find out what has been achieved in the past year.

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  • One more day to RoboCup 2013One more day to RoboCup 2013

    Jun 25, 2013,

    Only one more day to go untill this years Robocup soccer competition will start in the Dutch city of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. RoboCup is the largest international robotics event which is held every year.

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  • Robotic Fire Fighting scout helps rescuersRobotic Fire Fighting scout helps rescuers

    Jun 05, 2013, Robert Loos

    At the Coordinated Robotics Lab. new image processing techniques have been developed for a Fire Fighting Robot that can explore a building which is on fire. These techniques combine the information gathered and present them as a 3-D map.

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