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ABB Robotics “Technology Days” Event

November 02, 2011

ABB's Technology Days, North American Headquarters and Training Center
ABB's Technology Days, North American Headquarters and Training Center Picture: ABB Robotics

On October 11-13, 2011, ABB Robotics organized its yearly Technology Days event, which was held in Auburn Hills, Michigan at its North American Headquarters and Training Center.

The company accommodated approximately 1,000 participants which consisted of present and potential clients, allied technology equipment suppliers, system specialists, and media members. A group of robot enthusiasts and curiosity-driven students also filled the area during the Open House held on the last day of the event.

Forty ABB Robots, and approximately more than a dozen of peripheral equipment providers, were present and demonstrated in the 55,000-square-foot exhibition room. The latest robotics and automation technologies and its borderless array of uses were the center of the event. 

The growing advertising and marketing cooperation among ABB Robotics’ various business divisions and units were highlighted in the event as well. Motors, PLCs, drives, and other control products from the Discrete Automation and Motion team - and ones from the new member of ABB group Baldor - were on display. A wide range of Jokab Safety’s safety solutions, such as controllers, enclosures, and sensors on various robotic demonstrations, represented the Low Voltage Products Division. 

ABB Technology Provider Experts were on a roll providing a total of 15 seminars and tutorials, and discussing industrial robotic technology’s application-specific developments.

Industry professionals took the event as a rare opportunity to obtain first-hand innformation. The gathering enabled them to network with other professionals in the industrial robotic, control, motion, and automation field. Industrial robots motion, precision, and grace were also presented to the visitors. 

ABB Robots and Applications Group’s vice president, Joe Campbell, said that the successful outcome of the event confirmed the continuous growth of the automation market. On behalf of the entire team, Campbell was proud to be a part of the future’s main building blocks of the manufacturing industries.

Main Event’s Highlights:

  • Fast provisions of the most popular ABB robot models and systems to the North American customers, through a new industry stocking program.
  • RoboScreen (IRB 4600robot) created by Robotic Arts, with a 60-inch Samsung Smart TV mounted on its arm, presented a character that showed four robotic demonstrations
  • An improved, easy-programmable RobotStudio PowerPac Software for a better robotic palletizing system.
  • An enhanced array of ABB FlexGripper Palletizing Grippers
  • The new quick-start ArcPack Lean 1410 robotic package designed to possess an array of options for lesser to average wielding operations.
  • A pre-made FlexArc system already great for absolute configuration and shipping   2-4 weeks immediately after order is placed
  • ABB Baldor’s Motion and PLC solutions lectures and demonstrations on building result-oriented, and more economical logic and motion solutions for both single and multiple-axis machine-integrated robotics system.
Source: ABB Robotics
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