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Bipedal robot rides bicycle.

November 04, 2011

Dr. Guero's Bycicle robot
Dr. Guero's Bycicle robot Picture: Ubergizmo

Having a robot to walk on its two legs like a human being is one thing, and making it run is another. To make it walk briskly without tipping down or lose it balance despite being pushed is also different.

But how about a robot that is capable of performing a balancing act, say riding a bicycle? Well, Dr. Guero who used to work at AIST, Boston Dynamics and Osaka University has come up with a bipedal robot built to ride a custom made bicycle.

This robot is capable of riding the bike without falling just like a real human being does when balancing and riding a bicycle, making this robot very special. However, this robot can only make 10kph and making it in the Olympics or any other high level sports may not happen right now.

Compared to Segway in terms of balancing, Dr. Guero’s robot is just as capable, as it can adjust its direction automatically so that it will maintain in balance. This is possible through its built-in gyroscope. However, the robot can also be controlled manually or through the good old remote control.

The bicycle does not come with your usual brakes, but the robot can use its feet to stop the bike.

Source: Ubergizmo


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