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European Robotics Week 2014


November 18, 2014

European Robotics Week 2014

European Robotics Week 2014

Next monday, the 4th edition of the European Robotics Week will take place in a range of locations throughout Europe featuring a variety of robotics-related activities for the general public. 

The event is coordinated by euRobotics AISBL, a Brussels-based robotics association that aims to serve as a sustainable umbrella organization for the European robotics community.

The more than 300 individual events are being organized locally by participating companies, scientists, universities and research institutes and are being promoted by euRobotics. Their aim is to share knowledge about robotics and, more particularly, to encourage participation in the combined fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

As it is euRobotics goal to travel to a different host center each year and this time, the communications focal point for the week will move to the Cité de l’Espace science center in Toulouse. Notable Toulouse-based events include the RoCKIn Challenge, a student team competition for domestic service and industrial workplace robot prototypes.


Other highlights of the week include:

Nov 25
In Helsinki, Finland, the global Innokas Network schools will present a coding and robotics workshop lead by teachers and students from their global AI and cognition education network.

Robots And Animals

Nov 25
In Bristol, UK a “Robots versus Animals” session is a collaboration between the Bristol Robotics Lab (BRL) and the Bristol Zoo Gardens aimed at school age children. Students will learn how animals are the inspiration for new technologies and gain first-hand insight into the scientific processes of research, developing prototypes and experimentation.

Nov 26
Café Neu Romance in Prague, Czech Republic will present "Golem & the Mechanical Man of the Future" where some of the world's best LEGO MINDSTORMS experts will hold workshops, including robotics artist headliner Fernando Orellana from El Salvador and the "bionic robotics arm man" Nigel Ackland from the UK.

The British humanoid robot RoboThespian produced by Engineering Arts, Ltd. reflects in Czech on the Prague Golem.

Nov 26-27
At the University of Torino, Italy, the 2nd International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Cognition (AIC 2014) The workshop aims to bring together researchers coming from different domains (artificial intelligence, cognitive science, computer science, engineering, philosophy, social sciences, etc.) to present their theoretical and experimental findings in the interdisciplinary field of cognitively inspired artificial systems.

Incorporated into each session will be the chance to interact with live animals and state-of-the-art robots from the BRL – from touch sensors based on rodent whiskers to electricity production inspired by digestion processes.

Nov 26
Telepresence and other robots in the healthcare sector is a lab tour at the Smart Independent Living Center at the Frankfurt University of Applied Science in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It will demonstrate ways in which robotics is currently impacting the healthcare sector and their potential for future applications.


Complete List

For a complete list of the many lab tours, talks, demonstrations and presentations taking place during the European Robotics Week 2014, visit the official website of euRobotics

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