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Honda showcased brand new ASIMO robot

November 07, 2011

All new Asimo presented by Honda
All new Asimo presented by Honda Picture: Honda

The all-new ASIMO humanoid robot was recently unveiled by Honda. It showcased that has been equipped with the world’s latest autonomous behavior control technology, allowing it to move without being controlled by an operator. Furthermore, it's intelligence has improved significantly and Honda has painstakingly worked on its physical ability to adjust itself to various situations. With these newer technologies, ASIMO is a step closer to be used in places where a lot of people go and commune.

ASIMO is also capable of reacting to different human movements and can even change its behavior when it deems necessary. This machine can also recognize different faces, and despite being in a huge crowd where people talk simultaneously, it can still recognize one’s voice.

ASIMO is also capable of doing simple task like unscrewing a cap from a bottle and pour the content. All of these are possible through its highly functional multi-fingered hand.

Source: Ubergizmo
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