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Locus Robotics Deploys New Robotic Warehouse Fulfillment System


December 07, 2015

The Locus robot
The Locus robot Picture: Locus Robotics

Locus Robotics Corporation recently announced the first deployment of its new multi robot warehouse fulfillment system, just in time for critical holiday season shipping. Development partner Quiet Logistics, Inc., a leading provider of tech driven third party fulfillment services for eCommerce innovators such as Zara, Bonobos and Bluefly, is using the technology in one of its third party fulfillment centers.

“Locus is working to solve the real world, daily challenges experienced directly in our fulfillment operations – they understand warehouses,” said Brian Lemerise, VP of Operations at Quiet Logistics. “We were the first service provider to deploy Kiva robots. And now we see even greater benefits with Locus – stronger throughput and greater operational flexibility at a significantly lower cost of deployment.”

The Locus solution moves customer orders out the door more quickly, more accurately, and more efficiently by reimagining the role of robots within the warehouse environment. Working within the client’s current infrastructure, the system reduces costs and increases productivity, all with improved order accuracy and time to ship.

“This November, we introduced our new multi robot fulfillment solution,” said Bruce Welty, CEO and co-founder of Locus Robotics Corporation. “The solution addresses all the challenges that keep warehouse operators up at night - scalability, redundancy, portability, flexibility, adaptability and manageability –while dramatically improving throughput and quality. It’s the culmination of many, many years of doing, thinking, building and testing within the four walls of the warehouse.” 

Source: Locus Robotics
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