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MecklerMedia's RoboUniverse Announces Keynote Speakers

February 06, 2015

MecklerMedia's RoboUniverse Announces Keynote Speakers

MecklerMedia’s RoboUniverse Announces Keynote Speakers, May 11-13, 2015 at the Javits Convention Center

MecklerMedia Corporation (OTCQX: MECK) announced the keynote speakers for RoboUniverse Conference and Expo, taking place on May 11-13, 2015 at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. 

The event’s keynotes will be presented by: 

  • Rodney Brooks, Founder, Chairman and CTO, Rethink Robotics
  • Dan Kara, Practice Director, Robotics, ABI Research
  • Vijay Kumar, UPS Foundation Professor, University of Pennsylvania
  • Robin Murphy, Raytheon Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Texas A&M University, and Director, Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue and the Center for Emergency Informatics
  • Stephen Wolfram, Founder and CEO, Wolfram Research, Creator of Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha & the Wolfram Language, and Author of A New Kind of Science

"We are thrilled to have such talented and accomplished industry leaders delivering the keynote addresses for our first conference,” says Richard Erb, Executive Director of RoboUniverse. 

“Rodney Brooks, Dan Kara, Vijay Kumar, Robin Murphy, and Stephen Wolfram are some of the most respected experts in the robotics industry, and their presentations will deliver great value to the RoboUniverse audience.”

The agenda will focus on practical applications of service robots for improving the way people work, learn, and live, with keen insights into human-robot behavior. The sessions provide insights into robotics markets and applications, business use cases, implementation strategies, key technology trends, and the implications of robots in our daily lives.

For more information and to register for RoboUniverse New York, visit robouniverse.com/new-york

Register with discount code "TODAY" to receive 10% OFF.   

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