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RoboCup's new initiative: RoboParty!


June 29, 2014

RoboParty, the new initiative from RoboCup
RoboParty, the new initiative from RoboCup Picture: RoboParty

RoboParty is a unique educational project that helps young people interested in robotics, learn ways to develop autonomous mobile robots in an entertaining and simple way.

Supported by qualified tutors, this unique event arranges teams of 4 people, which typically includes one adult and 3 young participants. The minimum age to participate in this innovative educational program is 11.

This year, the RoboParty event is part of the Robocup 2014 event and is held from July 21st - 23rd, 2014.

The event begins with a short course for teaching the initial steps in robot programming, electronics as well as mechanical construction. Later, a special robotic kit created by the company SAR (Soluções de Automação e Robótica) and Minho University is provided to the participants.

Tutors will guide the teams throughout the training in order to make sure that all robots function effectively in the end. Participants are also informed about major national and international robotic competitions.

RobotParty Impressions

In addition, RoboParty utilizes various other activities such as music, sports, Internet, parties, games, etc. to help participants get the most out of this training event.

On the training’s last day, all participants are given three optional challenges, namely Obstacles Avoidance, Race of the Champions, and Dance. Participants interested in the Dance challenge participate as SuperTeams, and each team has four teams that are grouped together.

While all participants leave the event with fully functional robots, the RoboParty staff will help any team that faces major technical problems in the future. One of the special features of the 8th RoboParty edition is the launch of the Bot'n Roll Arduino Compatible kit.

Bot'n Roll Arduino Compatible kit
Bot'n Roll Arduino Compatible kit

The new kit offers an improved and user-friendly platform to develop programs using the Arduino development environment. In addition to letting users easily connect shields or other actuators/sensors, this improved version is highly efficient in terms of hardware and software performance.

Furthermore, the Bot'n Roll Arduino Compatible is ready to participate in major national as well as international competitions, making this robotic kit the highlight of this year’s RoboParty event.


RoboParty is an educational project that teaches young people how to build mobile autonomous robots and educates young people about the basics of robotics in a simple and entertaining way.

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