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Service Robots at AUTOMATICA 2014


April 04, 2014


For the first time in the history of AUTOMATICA, the main focus wil be the marketable B2B service robots.

Professional service robotics will have its own exhibition sector where manufacturers and research organisations will display and demonstrate their service-robot components, turnkey products and applications.

As the robotics industry is a an emerging industrial sector, it is expected that the availability of professional service robotic applications will increase rapidly. Many of these service robot applications will be presented during AUTOMATICA 2014.

Amongst the manufactureres will be big names like BlueBotics, KUKA , NEOBOTIX, Festo, and SCHUNK to show their business-to-business applications.

There will be a show hourly where service robots are demonstrated to show what capabilities they possess and how they can be used for business-to-business purposes.

During the Service Robotics Forum influential industry professionals will be given a chance to discuss the sales potential made possible by man-machine cooperation.

Another new event is that companies can register their products to compete for the "Start-Up Award" for production innovations in the service robotics sectors.

AUTOMATICA will be held from june 3rd till 6th, 2014 and is the leading exhibition platform for technical innovations in automation and production processes and is going to display the world's largest range for industrial robotics, assembly and handling technology and industrial machine vision.

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