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Similarity between PaPeRo and UNISROBO.

April 01, 2014

PaPeRo and Unisrobo
PaPeRo and Unisrobo Picture: Tokyo Tek

Here  are the two robots that appear remarkably similar to each other. The first robot located on the right, is PaPeRo, which was developed in 1997 by the Japanese company, NEC Corp. On the left is the debutant robot, UNISROBO, developed by the Chinese company, UNIS, in 2011. The latter’s physical design seems too close to the former to be considered a coincidence.

A closer look at the two robots shows just some differences. While UNISROBO has a LED screen built into its chest, the Japanese PaPeRo clearly outweighs the look-alike robot with his multiple advanced features, such as stereo CCD cameras, multiple ultrasonic sensors, and a series of sound/voice detection microphones.

The Chinese UNISROBO comes at a cheaper price, due to its feature-deprived stance. The first model is $460, while the second one is $615; both are considered cheap quotes for a robot. The robot will be promoted as an exceptional preschool robot in homes that teach English and appropriate conduct to children.

While investigations suggest that design copying have really happened, the NEC Corp’s marketing group is considering legal means to address the current case of rights violation.

Source: Tokyo Tek
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