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Stinky Robots On Kickstarter!

June 12, 2014

Stinky Robots Launches on Kickstarter!
Stinky Robots Launches on Kickstarter! Picture: stinky robots llc

By: Matt Yerington

Stinky Robots - 2 authors and 12 artists from around the world, creating a humbly beautiful book.

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Stinky Robots is a love story told through robots. It is a story of the importance of loving and respecting all the diverse and unique members of our communities. I told it to my eldest son Isaac when he was younger and then, after many years, I began telling it again to my youngest son Elijah. And then the magic of the internet stepped in...

My son Elijah and I wrote the story down, adding new touches to the original story. And then we reached out to 12 fantastic artist from around the world to start bringing our robots to life.

Each day my son would wake up and say "Dad, do we have any new robots?" And we did! Our robots were created in Russia, the Philippines, Spain, Canada, Macedonia, Argentina and Indonesia.

Its been an amazing experience! Our book tells the story of 2 types of robots. Stinky Robots - robots who are older, mechanical or run on stinky fuel like Diesel.And FutuRobots, the cool robots that everyone wants to own. 

Robot Steve
Stinky Robot Steve - Created by Martin from Argentina

The robots, and the whole world, are faced with a great challenge, and the worlds FutuRobots are unable to respond. Youll have to buy the book to get the whole story! But the Stinky Robots, robots who were original looked down on by the other robots and their owners, play a special role in saving us all. Its an exciting story that kids of any age will love!

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