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  • AIRobots is the acronym for the project ‘Innovative aerial service robots for remote inspections by contact’, which aims to develop a new generation of aerial service robots. This, as the name already mentions, has their primary focus in the air and these robots will have the technology to do what ground robots do except while being in the air.

    The robots will be designed so that their users can easily make adaptions to the basic robot. These AIRobots will be fully human controlled by using haptic devices, which means that the operator ideally receives visual and force feedback from the robot to better control it. This feedback will ensure a higher maneuverability and a lower risk of damage or crashes.

    The project will make use of two different designs to create these robots, where one makes use of a fan-system and the other of a double rotor system. Both designs will be developed to have a low weight, low fuel consumption and a high accuracy. These are the main three criteria for the project.

    Airobots is a Collaborative Robotics project supported by the European Commission in the Seventh Framework Programme.

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