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Robotics Projects starting with: R (26)

  • Logo R3-COP R3-COP

    The goal of the robotics project R3-Cop is to create lower cost, cutting edge autonomous robots that can work cooperatively by interconnecting multiple industries that at first glance have very little in common. It is supported by 11 European countries,…

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  • Logo ReflexLeg ReflexLeg

    Project Reflexleg aims to help people with prosthetic legs have more natural movement with the leg and to secure a natural connection of the leg and the prosthetic that goes in both directions. This Dutch Robotics project also hopes to make the leg work…

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  • Logo RGBd, ToF ! RGBd, ToF !

    RGBd TOF is a robotics project that is developing a way for robots to have 3D vision. Combining RGB and 3D will allow robots to more easily understand the dimensions of objects. This will bring us one step closer to letting robots function more like humans.

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    ROBAR is a Dutch Robotics project designed to help patients who suffered a stroke with arm rehabilitation. Robot arm support can automate treatment, allowing patients to work on their own rehabilitation. The systems have been installed in 7 different…

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  • Robo-Mate

    Robo-Mate: Intelligent exoskeleton based on human-robot interaction for manipulation of heavy goods in Europes factories of the futureIn Robo-Mate a user-friendly intelligent light-weight human-

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  • Logo Robocup Robocup

    RoboCup is the largest international robotics event in the world and consists of Robot soccer games, Robot rescue competitions, robots performing tests in a household environment and educational games for children.

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  • Logo RoboCup Junior RoboCup Junior

    RoboCup Junior is a robotics initiative that sponsors both regional and international events that use robotics competitions to educate children about robot technology and teach them how to cooperate with their peers. RoboCup Junior also offers an international…

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  • Logo RoboCup Rescue RoboCup Rescue

    RoboCup Rescue is one of the competition leagues that make up the yearly RoboCup event where teams from all over the world compete for the best robot for Search & Rescue missions.

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  • Logo RoboCup Soccer RoboCup Soccer

    RoboCup Soccer is part of the RoboCup Federation which is an international organization that promotes and stimulate robotics technology worldwide by organizing competitions. The objective of RoboCup Soccer is to have a team of autonomous robots that…

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  • Logo RoboCup@Home RoboCup@Home

    RoboCup@Home is one of the many Robotics Competitions that is part of the RoboCup Leagues that use robot games as a way to promote science and technology. It consists of benchmark tests that evaluate how well competing robots perform in a realistic home…

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  • Logo RoboDidactics RoboDidactics

    The goal of Robotics project RoboDidactics is getting children interested in science again. The project aims to accomplish this by increasing technological knowledge in the EU and spreading it through an international network of schools.

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  • Logo RoboEarth RoboEarth

    RoboEarth is a project involving European universities and companies like TU Eindhoven and Phillips. The goal is to pave the way for rapid advances in machine cognition and behavior, by developing a world wide web for robots so they can share and learn…

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  • Logo RoboNext RoboNext

    RoboNext is a large-scale Indian robotics tournament as an Initiative of iSec Systems in association with Padarth, IIT-Bombay. Those who want to participate will have to first complete a robotics workshop. The workshop last for 2 days, 6 – 8 hours per…

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  • Logo RoboParty RoboParty

    RoboParty is a pedagogical/educational project that aims at teaching young people how to build mobile autonomous robots. The RoboCup games are used to organize the RoboParty event to educate young people about the basics of robotics in a simple and entertaining…

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  • Logo RoboShip RoboShip

    RoboShip is a sub-project of the SmartBot initiative dedicated to exploring the use of intelligent industrial robots in the shipping industry.

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  • Logo Robot Techniek Lab Flevoland Robot Techniek Lab Flevoland

    The Robot Techniek Lab is a Dutch robotics project designed to develop children's interest in robotics. They hope to increase the amount of students choosing a technical study by 30%. They will create an advanced robotics center to help achieve this goal.

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  • Robotarm Jaco

    The project Jaco is a robotic device designed by Kinova Rehab to help disabled people regain freedom. It is weather resistant and has a hand with three fingers that can be individually controlled. It gives people the ability to grasp objects such as a…

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  • Robotic Needle Steering

    Robot Needle Steering has the potential to increase needle control and decrease the likelihood of invasive wounds. Recent studies on robot guided needles show there are large advantages to be gained; however, there are also problems that must be worked…

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