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Collaborative Robots


    • Logo Eye RHAS Eye RHAS

      The Eye RHAS is a breakthrough in Dutch Robotics for vitreoretinal eye surgery. It allows the surgeon to feel the same pressures the robot enacts upon the patient, minimizing risk of injury during the surgery. The machine also replaces the steady human…

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    • Logo PITON PITON

      The PITON is the first steerable MRI compatible robotics instrument. This Dutch robotics project is a needle that is equipped with sensors that will pick up signals for the surrounding tissue. This will enable the robot to find the best way to administer…

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    • Logo Robotics for flexible endoscope steering Robotics for flexible endoscope steering

      Robotics endoscopy manipulation can be a significant asset to doctors. It allows them to improve the efficiency and precision of the endoscopy. The physician will use a remote control connected to the drive system of the robotic endoscope. Most doctors…

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    • Robotic Needle Steering

      Robot Needle Steering has the potential to increase needle control and decrease the likelihood of invasive wounds. Recent studies on robot guided needles show there are large advantages to be gained; however, there are also problems that must be worked…

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    • Logo SOFIE SOFIE

      The Sofie robotics project at the Dutch Eindhoven University focuses on building a robotic arm system for surgery. Unlike previous robotic arms, Sofie has haptic feedback. The surgeon can actually feel the pressure that Sofie is providing to the patient.

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    • Logo TeleFlex TeleFlex

      Teleflex is a Dutch Robotics project that can improve the quality and reduce the cost of some invasive surgeries. With this robotic manipulator, only one surgeon is needed to work the endoscope instead of two. This will make surgeries easier to do and…

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